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Pigments, Paints & Pigment Sticks

Learn to make natural,

non-toxic art supplies!

In this workshop, you will explore and experiment with both plant and earth materials. You will learn how to turn raw elements, found in your local environment, into pigments that you can then use to make paints and pigment sticks.

Learn to Make

  • Lake Pigments

  • Earth Pigments

  • Watercolor Binder

  • Watercolor Paint 

  • Pastels

  • Wax (crayons)

  • Charcoal


Videos are available on each topic. These are step-by-step instructions and designed for  you to follow along as you  make. You have unlimited access, so you can watch and reference at your own pace.



PDFs in each section are provided with step-by-step instructions, added value information links, and links to resources for all supplies needed for the program.

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