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For educators, organizations and individuals working to connect young people to the

natural world through the arts.


Our mission is to connect young hearts and minds to the natural world through the arts and to inspire teachers to contextualize these programs for their own communities.


Our priority is to nurture students toward a sense of place that leads to understanding and ownership of responsibility and purpose in stewarding their environments and communities.


Our organization’s culture and the gauges by which we measure all decisions are through the lens of service and putting principles/planet/people and purpose over profits.

Teacher Training

We offer our teacher training programs as both distance learning and

in-person opportunities. Our in-person trainings are held at our two locations in Springfield, MO in the US and on the island of Saõ Miguel in the Azores, Portugal.


Our curriculum is designed to be customized to fit any length of student program. If you are interested in using our curriculum to enrich your community, sign up to be notified when we launch our 2024 training dates.

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Program Overview & Outcomes

Wild Arts Learning Radish
Wild Arts Crayons 1
Wild Arts 5
Wild Arts Learning 2
  • Essential Questions / Points of Inquiry

    • Purpose 

    • Spacial reasoning

    • Problem solving

    • Imagery

    • Stewardship and conservation

    • Self-exploration and expression

    • Creative expression

    • Impact and understanding relationship

  • Skills

    • Observation and Identification

    • Proper use of natural materials

    • Sense of place and local ecology

    • Foraging & basic botany

  • 8 Units

    • Earth and Plant Colors

    • Natural Fibers

    • Natural Color and Fibers

    • Clay

    • Wild Foods/Herbs/Spices

    • The Garden

    • Wildlife

    • Program Synthesizing

  • Transformations

    • Self-discovery

    • Identity as part of nature

    • Community roles and relationships

  • Resources

    • Downloadable PDFs

    • Teaching texts and videos

Wild Arts Learning Dried herbs
Wild Arts Learning Sophie carrots.jpg
Wild Arts Learning Soph and Logan
Wild Arts 1
Wild Arts Nature Camp
Wild Arts Nature Camp
Wild Arts Learning Orienteering_edited.jpg
Wild Arts
Wild Arts Nature Camp
Wild Arts Nature Camp

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