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Nature's Pigments, Paints & Pigment Sticks


In this workshop, you will learn the basics of how to use nature's colors in plants and the soil to create pigments, paints, and pigment sticks. From source material to final project, you will learn how to process earth elements and plant materials to handcraft your own natural, non-toxic art mediums for a more people and planet-friendly art practice! Once you have learned these foundational concepts, you can begin to explore a whole world of making and working with natural color! You will make: - Lake Pigments - Earth Pigments - Watercolor Binder - Watercolor Paint - Pigment Sticks - Pastels - Wax - Charcoal Note: Supplies are needed for this workshop. You will get a list of things to gather, along with links to sources for materials that you may not have, so you can work along with the video lessons.





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