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My Botanical Life Indigo

Highest Quality Fresh Leaf Indigo Dye Cake

At an impressive 56.26% tint, it is hard to find a more pure and potent indigo. We carry the organic indigo of Tarai Blue, a small scale business in the Tarai region of India. After our Co-founder Bethany spent time with them, dipping together in their living vats, experiencing their mission & values, she knew this was a blue to bring to our community.


If you would like to learn the art of creating nature's most rich blue, from growing, harvesting, extracting and making paste and powder, to using on various fibers, we have two options for you:

1. Saõ Miguel in the Azores, Portugal
2. Springfield, MO in the USA

for upcoming class opportunities.

My Botanical Life Indigo


We currently sell these high quality, rich-blue gems at our locations on Saõ Miguel island in the Azores and Springfield, MO in the USA. For special mail orders, please email us for arrangements (see prices below). If you are outside of Europe and the US, please contact Tarai Blue directly to order.


NOTE: Indigo cakes vary slightly in size due to the process of drying and shaping of the cakes. For this reason, we sell them by weight. You will be given as many whole cakes as possible and then we will add large pieces to get to the purchased weight.


A Safety Data Sheet printed copy is included with every order. SEE OUR CANCELLATION & RETURN POLICY

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Blue Footed Donkey Farm

PRICING  for a whopping 56.26%!

1kg - 100.00 Euros

500 grams - €51.50

250 grams - €26.95

100 grams - €13.95


+5.00 euros flat-rate for shipping to all EU countries of 500 grams or less

+10.00 Euros flat rate shipping to all EU countries of +1kg or more


PRICING for a whopping 56.26%!

32 oz (2 lb) - $137

16 oz (1 lb) - $79

8 oz - $45

3.5 oz -$20

Shipping prices calculated upon location.



Indigo can give clear blues that range from the tint of a pale sky blue to a deep navy that is almost black. 



100% botanical extract of Indigofera Tinctoria in dried cake form ranging from 80-100 grams. Very strong (approx 60.65% indigotin).



Store in dry, cool place away from light. It does help keep the dye in a compact form for long term storage. 


We are unable to accept cancellations after shipping. But please contact us if you have any problems with your order. Because of the nature of these items, unless we are able to confirm that they arrive damaged or defective, we can't accept returns for indigo cakes. 


Our indigo comes from a Tarai Blue farm in Uttarakhand, India on the foothills of the Himalayas Mountains. Happy women led teams enjoy the new opportunity for a colourful work that shares in a positive community transformation. 



Natural Indigo Dye is an extract prepared from Indigofera tinctoria which is cultivated for this purpose. Indigofera Tinctoria is a legume, part of the bean family of plants, and is an excellent source of indigotin. Indigo is the legendary source of colorfast blues and its ability to produce a wide range of shades has made it a very successful dye plant for many cultures around the world. 


A beginner level dyer will find it is exciting to experiment with indigo, but consistent results will come with experience. This is the most rewarding of dyes and a single vat can go a long time with a bit of love and warmth. Indigo does not need a mordant for dyeing but good scouring of fabrics is essential. The indigo cake needs to be ground with pestle and mortar. One cake of Indigo at 80 grams will dye approximately 5 sq. meters of fabric a deep shade of blue with multiple layers of vat dips.

10% of all of our indigo proceeds go to support one of our Small Steps projects.

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