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The earth is a color wonderland, full of opportunities to explore and create from the natural materials around us. Creating your own art supplies with non-toxic, natural, earth elements introduces a unique bridge between the natural world and art. 


In this color extravaganza, your kids will become alchemists, transforming local plant and earth elements into beautiful art materials that can be used in a variety of creative mediums. By the end of the program, your student will be equipped with the experience and practical knowledge needed to continue experimenting and discovering with natural dyes, pigments, paints, inks, pastels and crayons at home. 🌱

Schedule (subject to change):

Session 1: Plant dyes and lake pigments

Session 2: Earth (rocks/soil) based pigments
Session 3: Inks and paints
Session 4: Open studio to use our materials!

Wild Arts Learning Collage 4
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