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The Art of Pressed Flowers


Whether you are foraging your local, wild flora, harvesting from a garden, or gathering plants from local vendors, the magic of working with pressed flowers is an exciting foray into the connections between hand-crafted art and the natural world. In this class, you will learn about observation, collection, preservation, and creation with, pressed flowers. You will explore nature's colors and shapes while developing your eye for contrast, design, composition and balance. By the end of the program, you will have pressed flowers, made a pressed flower project (or three 😉) and be ready to take what you've learned to begin a whole new pursuit of creative discovery! LAUNCHING SPRING of 2024 Pre-register by January 31st with promo code NEWYEAR15% to receive our early-bird special of 15 percent off the regular price! You will also be the first notified when the class goes live.





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