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These sweet little travel sets are hand-made and hand-filled by us at the Wild Arts Learning Center. Please expect signs of being lovingly assembled by a person. 🙂 They are non-toxic earth mineral materials with a plant-based binder. See below for specific info from our pigment supplier.


Your set includes a pigment info sheet, your paints (in magnetized paint pans to keep them secure in your travel tin), a travel sketchbook and two brushes, all together in a Wild Arts Learning canvas zipper travel bag.


Your purchase makes you eligible for 15% off one of our online or in-person paint-making classes! That promo code is on the info sheet included in your bag.


We encourage you to take advantage of our refill program if you are local to the studio. If not, you can learn to make your paints to keep your travel tin full of color!


Thank you for supporting the Wild Arts Learning Studio. We look forward to having you join us for an educational opportunity. 🎨



Regular sets are 6 half-pans and Minis are 9 mini pans with.

  • Warm Set: Orange Ochre, Yellow Ochre, Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna
  • Cool Set: Terre Verte, Emerald Green, French Tourquoise, Ultramarine Blue, Black Ochre and White Rutile
  • Build Your Own Set: This is for the 6 haf-pan sets only. To specify your colors, you must type them in the "Add Note" box at check-out in your cart.


MINI SETS (0.5ml pans)

  • Mini Earth Set : Violet Ochre, Orange Ochre, Yellow, Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna, Terre Verte, Burnt Umber, Raw Umber, Black Ochre



Venetian Red, Color Index #PR102

After testing many red earth pigments from around the world, we chose this vibrant red from a family-owned quarry in Italy for its luminous, rich red color and mixing quality. Natural Iron Oxide


Orange Ochre, Color Index #PY43
This vibrant and warm natural orange pigment comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide

Yellow Ochre, Color Index #PY43
This beautiful yellow ochre comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide

Terre Verte, Color Index #PG23
After testing many green earth pigments from around the world, we chose this rich green from a quarry in France. Natural Earth Loam

Burnt Umber, Color Index # PBr7
This rich and beautiful deep brown pigment comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide

Raw Umber, Color Index #PBr7
This rich, raw brown earth has a cool greenish undertone. It comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide

Burnt Sienna, Color Index #PR102
This rich and beautiful reddish-brown pigment comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide

Raw Sienna, Color Index #PY43
This light, raw sienna is a beautiful golden color with a slight greenish/yellowish undertone. It comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide

Violet Ochre, Color Index #PR102
This violet earth hails from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is a beautiful earthy reddish, brownish violet. Natural Iron Oxide

Black Ochre, Color Index #PBK11
This earthy black natural ochre comes from a quarry in France. Natural Iron Oxide

Mayan Red, Color Index #PR287
After years of searching for a completely non-toxic and professional-grade primary red, we chose this vibrant, bright red pigment that is archival and humidity-resistant. It is composed of a natural calcium carbonate base processed with a man-made, non-toxic pigment.

Brilliant Yellow, Color Index #PY53
This is a primary yellow pigment, similar to Lemon Yellow. It is a 10% man-made pigment affixed on an earthen clay mineral base - from France.

Ultramarine Blue, Color Index # PB29
This radiant blue pigment is our only color that has been fired to get its vibrant color. It is composed of 90% earthen clay and 10% man-made, non-toxic minerals, and it is heated in an oven to a high temperature. Throughout history, blues in nature were very rare and usually made with precious stones like Lapis Lazuli. These stones are now unsustainably harvested in Afghanistan, so we have found this beautiful, non-toxic and sustainably- made alternative from France.

Emerald Green, Color Index #PG17
This is a rich, opaque, bright green pigment that is UV-resistant and has a powerful tinting strength. It is man-made from natural elements. It is essentially a manmade green rust made by mixing carbon dioxide with two forms of iron.

French Turquoise
This is a beautiful and true turquoise shade from France. It is composed of 10% manufactured mineral pigment affixed on a natural base (calcium carbonate).


Titanium White Rutile, Color Index #PW6

Titanium Dioxide, not to be confused with Titanium Metal (Ti), occurs in nature as the well-known mineral, Rutile, found in metamorphic and igneous rocks. Rutile is the second most abundant mineral sand and is processed to extract the pure white mineral that we use in our paint kits.



"Man-made means created in a lab. Because we won't sell pigments that contain heavy metals or known toxins, and because sometimes harvesting is bad for the environment or for humans, this limits the number of pigments that we are able to source straight from the earth. For these, we have to take a base (usually clay) and through the use of high temps, affix to it the lab-made mineral. So, while the clay is straight from the earth and makes up 90% of the finished pigment, 10% is mineral created in a lab. This mineral is totally non-toxic and still considered inorganic. This is the solution for pigments that are either high in toxins or are unsustainable/non-ecological to harvest straight from the earth."

Earth Color Watercolor Travel Kit

  • Given the nature of this product, returns and refunds are not available. If you have any problems with your product, please contact us to discuss credit options at

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