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Wild Arts Learning is a nature-based curriculum with workshop studios in the US and Europe. We offer opportunities for young people to connect with the natural world and their own imaginative, creative expressions through nature-based art programs., This opens pathways for young hearts and minds to explore what it means to be part of nature, not separate from it, while also learning how to steward their environments and make positive contributors to their ecological communities. And yes, we do have workshops for the grownups!

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the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination... 

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Linda Illumanardi 18

Forage for leaves and flowers and learn how to print with them onto paper.

Wild Arts Cabbage Pigment 9

In this Sat/Sun day-camp, students will learn to make natural dyes, inks, pigments and paints, from plants, rocks & soil.


Wild Arts 5

Create flower art with dried/pressed flowers from the garden and the wild.

Weaving the Wild

This Sat/Sun day-camp is focused on foraging wild and wonderful materials from nature to create beautiful weaving art.

Wild Arts 2

Learn to make all-natural watercolor paints from earth pigments and plant-based binders.


A highlight of the year for us is this four day summer camp with all nature-based arts,  outdoor skills, foraging, wild foods, river exploring and more!

Wild Arts Nature Camp

Collect foraged materials and learn to make beautiful art weaving projects.

Wild Arts 1

We like to add special sessions throughout the year as different teachers are available. 

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