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Wild clay with Matt Levy

Matt is co-author of "Wild Clay," a professional artist, and an educator in materials literacy. In this workshop, you will explore a variety of topics from sourcing local clays and rocks, processing your materials, and testing for toxic ingredients like lead and arsenic. No experience in clay is necessary. We will also cover the basics of integrating Wild Clay into any art practice or utilizing local materials for educational opportunities. This workshop will include step-by-step instructions on how to make your own sieves for processing clay.


Learn how to identy clay in the earth around you and do initial viability tests.


Gain the insights you need to do safety testing for heavy metals and harmful contaminents before using.


Follow step-by-step instructions on how to process your newly found, safe-to-use, clays.

Clay Bodies & Glazes

Learn techniques for making a variety of clay bodies and glazes.



Create your own effective wood-fired pit or kiln to fire your new clays.

Wild Clay with Matt Levy 10.png

Included In Your Program

  • Lifetime-of-the-Program Access

  • 12 Video Lessons

  • Workshop Footage from Matt's 3 Day Intensive

  • 12 PDFs

  • Bonus Resources

  • Access to Scheduled Zoom Sessions with Matt

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