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Wild Arts Learning Center in Springfield, MO

A highlight of the year for us is our five-day summer day camp with all nature-based arts,  outdoor skills, foraging, wild foods, river exploring and more! This camp is for kids ages 8-12.

Wild Arts 1

2024 Sessions

Week 1: July 29-Aug 2

Week 2: Aug 5-9

Natural Art Supplies

From natural dyes and paints to handcrafted paper, weaving, clay and more, we discover exciting ways to find and make our own art supplies from nature.

Wild Arts Nature Camp
Nature Camp Wild Culinary Arts

Wild Culinary Arts

Tasty wild foods are all around us in the forest and in our own yards. While having fun foraging, tasting and making, we learn about plant identification and the serious side of safety when choosing plants to eat.

And more...

Orienteering, cracking geods, river time for exploring and swimming, atlatls, garden time, plant propagation, lunches, games and any other extras we create before camp-time!

Wild Arts Nature Camp
Wild Arts Nature Camp

Price & What's Included

  • $275 total

  • All supplies!

  • Lunch, snacks and drinks

  • Take-home projects

  • Photos & videos for parents in a private FB Group

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